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A New Beginning

Night. For most of us it brings much needed rest, a reprieve to our otherwise busy, and demanding day. We set aside the deadlines, and perhaps enjoy a few quiet minutes relaxing, mentally and physically unwinding before we drift off to sleep.

When we wake, it is a fresh start, each and every day. A new beginning.

While morning routines vary significantly, at Parnella Naturals, we have a few suggestions to get your day started in a way that will optimize how you feel, from head to toe.

1. Focus on Health

Begin each day with a fresh, clean start using products made from organic, natural ingredients. All of our hand cut olive oil soap bars are made exclusively from natural materials, carefully selected to make your skin feel luxurious, clean and renewed. For an invigorating soap, try our “Fresh Soap Bar”, made from herbaceous scents that will moisturize your skin, and awaken your senses.

2. Focus on Clean

Many commercially sold ‘soap’ products are artificially scented, and chemically enriched to produce the feeling of clean skin. Applying them to your skin actually builds up layers of wax, and clogs skin pores. They may make you free of dirt, but cluttered with lots of other things your skin does not need. The alternative is to use chemical free products that truly remove unhealthy dirt from your skin, and leave behind only the rich, soft feeling of moisturized, fresh skin. Try our “Green Tea Soap Bar” for a wonderful conditioning soap that benefits your body, and the environment.

3. Focus on Your Soul

While eco-consciousness, and health awareness are essential characteristics we should look for in the products we use to start our day - they also need to made us feel good, body and mind. For mental clarity, we recommend both our “Cinnamon Coffee Soap Bar”, and our “Peppermint Soap Bar”. For scents that relax us, and calm our mind before a busy day, try the “Lavender Woods Soap Bar”, or “Bitter Almond Soap Bar”.

In addition to fresh, clean soaps, at Parnella Naturals we also offer Natural Toothpaste, Peppermint Lip Balm, cream and spray deodorants and many other products to start your day off right.

As each day begins, it is a chance to make a change, and make a difference. At Parnella Naturals, we try to encourage everyone to make choices that create a better environment for all, by opting for natural, renewable ingredients in the products we use on our bodies. We realize that is may be a habit of convenience to buy mass produced soaps and lotions, widely distributed and marketed to the public. However, making the change to using individually produced, carefully selected products is one step closer to living a healthier, happier life.


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