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The Nature of Babies Skin

There are few things in our natural environment softer than the skin of a baby. We just can’t resist gently stroking their faces, and feeling the softness of their tiny fingers and toes. Baby skin is free from the imperfections that we accumulate over our lifetime, and has not been exposed to the sunlight, dry hot or cold air, pollutants and contaminants that we face daily. It is fresh, and consequently - delicate.

While we can not shield our babies from most of the above mentioned types of environmental effects, we do have control over the products that we choose for cleansing, moisturizing and soothing their skin. At Parnella Naturals, we have developed a very special line of products devoted to the mild, gentle care necessary to effectively and safely maintain your baby’s beautiful skin. While many commercial brands rely on heavily scented products that may in fact strip natural moisture away from the skin, ours are designed with nutrient rich, moisturizing oils that help smooth and sooth baby skin using only natural, eco-friendly ingredients. Our Baby Lotion contains almond oil, sweet healing rose and soothing lavender oil. Our Shea Butter Diaper Cream hydrates and balances the skin using raw shea butter, rich in vitamins A, E and F. We have also developed Baby Oil, Baby Soap Bar and Sweet Almond Jelly - each carefully created with ingredients that will be gentle enough to be applied on the soft skin of a baby, yet effective enough to achieve the intended results.

As babies are highly responsive to the senses of touch and smell, another advantage of the Parnella Naturals baby product line is that the fragrances are mild, and calming. The application of our products can be a daily routine that is as enjoyable to parents as it is to our little ones. Relaxing our touch, and calmly communicating with our baby while using our luxurious products can not but help to influence the bond we feel with them, and promote positive emotional responses from our children.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about our baby products, or any of the Parnella Naturals products for body, bath, home and lifestyle. We are always happy to hear your comments, suggestions and feedback about our products.

The best way to care for the beautiful soft skin of our babies is with products comprised from natural, simple and effective ingredients. Give your baby’s skin the best start possible with the safe, mild and pure products from Parnella Naturals.

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