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Cleanliness & Tranquility: The Art of a Beautiful Bath

An interesting approach - having a bath as an expression of artistic design. The parallels between traditional art and having a proper bath are noteworthy. Art exists in endless forms of mediums, with countless subjects and of origin by anyone interested in expressing themselves artistically. To mistakenly see a bath as simply soap and water would be as misguided as to see art as simply paintings.

While the principle medium, fresh clean water is the basic ingredient to a good bath - it is what is added to the water that can transition the experience into something far superior. As there exists many individuals that while of good intention, lack the talent to be highlighted as ‘artists’, so there are many products on the market available to compliment a bath that are lack luster. However, the endless variety of natural scents and textures that can be added to a bath, when properly used, can create a masterpiece that will without doubt be enjoyed and cause positive effects on the bather.

At Parnella Naturals, we have created not only a rich, luxurious selection of soap bars to choose from, but also a line of products that are specifically designed to create an air of tranquility and calmness to the soul while cleansing during your bath. As certain art may be more appealing to some than others, so it becomes necessary to choose from the herbal aroma of our Bath Sea Salts, a Lavender Bath Tea, a Lime Sea Salt Body Scrub or a Rose Milk Bath Tea. Each offer unique traits that can be enjoyed, and benefited from by the user.

Art that endures must have a unique statement that testifies its worth. At Parnella Naturals, we do not mass produce our products, or incorporate ‘carrying’ agents that stretch product mass. We carefully include only natural, earth friendly ingredients that will effectively maintain, purify and rebuild our bodies delicate skin. We reflect on each of the ‘subjects’, our ingredients for texture, scent and effect before it is incorporated into our products.

Please contact us directly if you would like further information about any of our products. We hope you will find time to enjoy our ‘works of art‘.

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