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Saving Face: Tips for Effective & Protective Facial Skin Care

Your face is quite likely the most exposed area of skin on your body during your lifetime. It not only endures environmental pollutants, harsh weather, seasonal changes and variances to humidity - but in a lifetime is repeatedly contorted to depict your emotions as you laugh, cry, frown and smile. Having a regime to properly care for the delicate skin on your face, particularly the areas around the eyes and contours of the lips is not optional - but vital to maintaining a healthy glow that reveals little, it anything about your age.

Today’s market is flooded with products making promises of ‘fast results’ using ‘age defying’ ingredients with so called ‘laboratory based results‘. At Parnella Naturals, we offer products with a simpler approach. We incorporate high quality, natural ingredients that have proven through the test of time to be gentle, yet effective for caring for your skin’s delicate balance. As an example, our Face Cleansing Powder can be used on all skin types and contains these few, carefully chosen ingredients: oats, lavender flowers, rose petals, kaolin clay. These 4 key ingredients not only cleanse your face, but sooth and protect until the next application. Our Day/Night Eye Cream should also be a staple to your beauty care collection, as it’s lightweight, pure blend of ingredients are the perfect way to start and end the day as you protect the sensitive areas of skin around your eyes. For a daytime moisturizer that will ensure maximum protection from the harsh effects of sun, wind and our environmental atmosphere, our Rose Face Cream provides a lovely fragrance, and a lightweight solution. If you like to incorporate a gentle but truly clean feel to your skin care program, our Gentle Herbal Face Scrub can be used daily and is again, perfect for all skin types and made of 100% natural ingredients.

To complete an organic, healthy program for our face, we can’t forget about brushing our teeth several times a day. Parnella’s Natural Toothpaste ensures good dental hygiene, without the harsh chemicals that are often included in mass produced toothpastes. Particularly as we move into the fall seasonal change, adding our Peppermint Lip Balm as a final protector to your lips can guard against chapped lips (suitable for kids too!)

In order to see and feel noticeable results, the skin on our face needs to be cared for regularly with products that promote healing, moisturize our skin and include natural vitamin rich ingredients that effectively protect the skin throughout the year. See the complete line of Parnella Naturals products for Face , and you’ll be sure your can face the day at your very best!


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